Speaker Spotlight | Dominique Drakeford

We will be welcoming Dominique Drakeford from NYC to Undress Melbourne this Friday, and Im so excited about this. 

She is an ambassador of sustainable style, and in my mind, shes an ambassador of the vibe. 

Dom is actively engaged in community development and social justice through Earth rooted blackness x ecological equity. 

You can immerse with her on Friday, November 22nd, at 2pm after her keynote presentation on Changing the Landscape of Sustainable Fashion Through A.I.R.E".

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Meesh: Who are some of your current inspirations or mentors?

Dominique: Im inspired by so many great women in the sustainability space. In fact I created a blog post called 47 BADASS WOMXN OF COLOR INFLUENCERS UNAPOLOGETICALLY CHANGING THE LANDSCAPE OF SUSTAINABLE FASHION on my blog MelaninASS. Im inspired and indirected mentored by each and every one of these vanguards. 

Meesh: What is your vision for the acronym you created A.I.R.E. (Agency. Inclusivity. Representation. Equity)? 

Dominique: AIRE represents the key ideology for whats missing in the sustainability movement. My vision is to redefine sustainability with AIRE being the heartbeat of the movement. 

In a recent article on MindBodyGreen I defined sustainability as: an inherently black and brown indigenous regenerative mechanism for living and engaging with nature. It's grounded in an ancestral relationship with the earth but has evolved into a resistance of colonial structures so we can all find well-being, joy, and empathy-based healing.

Meesh: What excites you the most about being a part of the Undress Runways experience?

Dominique: This year is the first year that a conference is being added to the iconic runway presentation - Im so excited to be part of this magic. Additionally, I love to travel so Im excited to journey across the world to continue to share my message and plant seeds for shifting paradigms in this space. 

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Interview by meesh dot | @meesh.eco

Catch Dominique at Undress Conference this Friday night.

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